TV Detectives & Villains

TV Detectives & Villains

ROSS Lee Life on Mars Signed Photo 193H UACC COA

LEE ROSS aka "DCI Litton" In the TV Series - Life on Mars Genuine Authentic In-Person Auto..


TAYLOR Rocky The New Avengers Signed Photo 421H UACC

ROCKY TAYLOR Genuine Authentic Autograph Size 10"x 8" 421H The Genuine Article UACC Regist..


ARTHUR & GEORGE Martin Clunes Charles Edwards Genuine Signed Display UACC RD#285

 MARTIN CLUNES aka Arthur Conan Doyle     CHARLES EDWARDS aka Alfred Wood &n..


A TOUCH OF FROST Bruce Alexander Signed Photo 424H UACC

BRUCE ALEXANDER aka "Horn-Rimmed Harry" Signed In-Person Autographed Photo In the Classi..


BONES Ken Jack the Ripper Michael Caine In Person Autograph 207D UACC COA

KEN BONES aka "Robert Lees" In the TV Movie "Jack the Ripper" starring Michael ..


BURKE David Sherlock Holmes 59G UACC COA

DAVID BURKE aka Dr Watson Genuine Authentic In-Person Autograph Size 10" x 8" B&W 59G..


CANT Richard Midsomer Murders Signed Photo 143H UACC

RICHARD CANT In the TV Series "Midsomer Murders" Genuine In-Person Autograph Size 10"..


CARTERET Anna Sherlock Holmes In Person Autograph UACC COA

ANNA CARTERET in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Episode of "The Golden Pince-Nez" with Jer..


DAVISON Peter Dangerous Davies Signed Photo 108E UACC

PETER DAVISON aka "Dangerous Davies" In the TV Series "The Last Detective" Authe..


DUTTON Simon - The Saint In Person Signed Photo 444E UACC COA

SIMON DUTTON aka Simon Templar "The Saint" In-Person Autograph Size 10" x 8" COL 444E..

£25.00 £30.00

FOX Laurence Lewis In Person Signed Photo 623H UACC COA

LAURENCE FOX aka "DS James Hathaway" In the TV Series "Lewis" starring Kevin Wha..


GLESS Sharon Cagney and Lacey Signed Display UACC COA

SHARON GLESS aka Cagney in "Cagney & Lacey" In-Person Autograph / Mounted Size 16"..


HARPER Gerald Adam Adamant In Person Autograph 57C UACC COA

GERALD HARPER aka Adam Adamant In-Person Autograph Size 10" x 8" Col Allow for LOW SCAN Re..


HARPER Gerald Adam Adamant Signed Photo 56C UACC COA

GERALD HARPER aka Adam Adamant Genuine Authentic In-Person Autograph Size 10" x 8" Col No ..



MARG HELGENBERGER aka Catherine Willows in "171 Episodes of CSI" Mounted Autograph Size 16..


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