Vintage UK Film

Vintage UK Film

CARMICHAEL Ian Signed Autograph 654G UACC COA

IAN CARMICHAEL British Film & TV Star Genuine, Authentic Autograph Size 10"x 8" 654G &..


DENNISON Michael Mounted Autographed Display UACC

MICHAEL DENNISON Genuine, Authentic Mounted Autograph Mount Size 16" x 12" "The Genui..


MOFFATT Geraldine GET CARTER Rare Signed Photo 685H UACC COA

GERALDINE MOFFATT aka "Glenda" In the Classic Film "Get Carter" starring Michael..


RYAN Helen The Elephant Man 362E In Person Signed Photo UACC COA

HELEN RYAN aka "Princess Alex" In the Classic "The Elephant Man" Authentic In-Pe..


CHARIOTS of FIRE Cast Signed Photo x2 278H UACC COA

NIGEL HAVERS aka "Lord Andrew Lindsay" NICHOLAS FARRELL aka "Aubrey Montague" In..


SYKES Eric (In a serious role) Signed Photo 497A UACC COA

ERIC SYKES (RIP) Genuine Authentic Autograph Size 10"x 8" 497A The Genuine Article UACC Re..


The PLANK Cast Signed Photo x2 Eric Sykes 426A UACC COA

Eric Sykes (RIP) & Henry Cooper In the Classic Film - The Plank Genuine Authentic In-Person Auto..


GET CARTER Geraldine Moffatt Signed Photo 686H UACC COA

GERALDINE MOFFATT aka "Glenda" In-Person Signed Autographed Photo In the Classic Film &quo..


JOHNSON Celia Brief Encounter Signed Display UACC

CELIA JOHNSON aka "Laura Jesson" In the Classic Film "Brief Encounter" Genuine, ..


COWPER Gerry The Wicker Man Rare In Person Autograph 701F UACC COA

GERRY COWPER aka "Rowan Morrison" In the Original Classic Movie "The Wicker Man"..


BORN FREE Virginia McKenna Bill Travers Signed Display UACC COA

VIRGINIA McKENNA aka "Joy Adamson" BILL TRAVERS aka "George Adamson" In the Cla..


HOBSON Valerie Bride of Frankenstein Display UACC COA

VALERIE HOBSON aka "Elizabeth" In the Classic Film "Bride of Frankenstein" starr..


ICE COLD IN ALEX John Mills Sylvia Syms Signed Display UACC

ICE COLD IN ALEX starring John Mills & Sylvia Syms Mounted Autograph Display Mount Size 16"..


MORE Kenneth Reach for the Sky Autographed Display UACC COA

KENNETH MORE aka "Douglas Bader" In the Classic Film "Reach for the Sky" Matted ..


The ITALIAN JOB Cast Signed Photo x7 Genuine In Person UACC COA



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